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The gifted land of mythical gods, goddesses and legendary heroes, who were commemorated for decades in unique ancient settlements with dedicated temples, sanctuaries and statues.
Here in Peloponnese, you take notice of the splendor of Ancient Greece and meet the source of world-famous epic tales such as Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’, Ancient Olympic Games, adventures of Hercules, courage of Spartans etc.

Not only that, but Peloponnese is also offering distinctive natural landscapes.
In south you can find miles long sandy beaches along with small bays with pebbly or rocky unspoiled beaches, caves, castles and fortresses, ports, big touristic towns and at the same time small fishing villages, olive groves, orange trees and vineyards.
On the other hand, in the center and towards north you will find mountains & rivers with climbing, hiking and rafting opportunities.


The first capital of the modern Greece. But before that, during centuries, it was home for Romans, Byzantines, Frankish, Venetians and Turks. Having traces and influences from so many civilizations on the city’s architecture, culture and traditions, Nafplio is a perfect match for a cozy meeting.

• Be courageous to climb 999 steps up to Palamidi Castle to be rewarded with the amazing view of this romantic town
• Follow the archaeological trail including Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nemea and Ancient Corinth
• Learn how to be a beekeeper & taste local honey types of the region
•Jump on a Sea Kayak, cruise along the coast with a pro and see the city and its castles from afar
• Explore the narrow cobblestone streets of the old town and the delicacies of Nafplio
• Join an Olive Oil tour to walk among olive trees, visit an old mill, learn the secret and the process of the olive fruit to become one of world’s best quality olive oil
• Visit a winery in the region of Nemea famous for its grape varieties and vineyards


Considered as the Gibraltar of the East by the Venetians, Monemvasia is a beautiful medieval castle town carved on a rock which is stretching from mainland to the sea. Many old mansions of the old town located inside the fortress are turned into small boutique hotels. Besides, towards the inland, among large estates full of olive trees, citrus trees, orange groves and vineyards, appears historical mansions turned into cozy and luxurious boutique hotels.

• Walk along the cobblestone narrow streets of Monemvasia castle town and challenge yourself to climb up to the top of the rock to reach Agia Sofia Church
• Participate in a cooking class to learn the art of Greek Cuisine with fresh ingredients in a mansion surrounded by nature
• Enjoy tastings of local products like olives, olive oil, wine and local spoon sweets made from fresh fruits
• Join a soap-making class using olive oil and aromatic herbs

Mani Peninsula

The middle-leg in the three-legged Peloponnese Peninsula, Mani is considered to be a mysterious part of Greece, with its majestic tower houses, abandoned ghost towns, beautiful small port towns some of which can only be reached by sea. On the other hand, thanks to the short distance to Kalamata Airport and the cruise port in Gythion, the peninsula has developed to combine the authenticity and nature with high quality facilities.

• Walk along the cobblestone narrow streets of Monemvasia castle town and challenge yourself to climb up to the top of the rock to reach Agia Sofia Church
• Visit the ruins of Mystras near Sparta town
• Join a Mosaic Workshop in the authentic village of Xirokambi to make yourself a souvenir of the ancient art of mosaics
• Visit the small port towns of Mani peninsula by private boat including a visit to the special Diros Caves
• Hike to the Southern Edge of Europe: Lighthouse of Tenaros
• Enjoy watersports like sea kayak or scuba diving in Kardamyli town


The Messinian Coast is the part of Peloponnese which offers long beaches and sand dunes, perfectly preserved ancient castles, and archaeological sites. The area also hosts the city of Kalamata famous for its olives, which has the only international airport of Peloponnese: Kalamata Airport.

• Follow the footsteps of the castles of Messinia: Pylos Castle, Methoni Castle, Koroni Castle, Palaiokastro of Navarino
• Visit the Archaeological site of Ancient Messene
• Have a tour of the unique Voidokoilia beach

Porto Heli

One of the most luxurious holiday destinations of Peloponnese, full of remarkable vacation homes and villas, private beaches, magnificent resorts, a large marina for celebrity visitors with mega-yachts!

• Pamper yourself by staying at one of the two world-known holiday cozy resorts: AmanZoe or Nikki Beach
• Pay a trip to Spetses island with a one-minute water taxi ride to see iconic buildings
• Explore Mediterranean reefs with scuba-diving
• Enjoy a fast and adventurous ride by rib boat with skipper in Argo Saronic Gulf

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