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Medieval architecture at its best blending with a beautiful natural environment

It is all about privacy and undiscovered beauties and cultures in a peaceful and higly personalized, unspoilt environment. Montenegro is not a destination with flashing lights and glamor. It is an escapist’s dream with a diverse geography strecthing along the cerulean waters of Adriatic Sea to the depth of the Balkan Peninsula…

With its Picturesque villages and seaside ports tacked between mountains and the sea, UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, quiet mountain villages, luxurious hotels, expansive marinas, Montenegro offers unforgettable experiences for everyone.

Montenegro is the most beautiful encounter between land and sea

Lord Byron

Montenegro has invested on high-end acommodation in the recent years to fulfill the expectations of even the most seasoned travelers of the World. As a result of this, many international luxury brands have entered or having new ones in the pipeline. These hotels reflect the aura of the Mediterranean with the dramatically beautiful sceneries. Whether the comfort and luxury of the guestrooms or the sophisticated flavors of their restaurants or the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their meeting facilities, they offer the most personalized service at their safe and peaceful settings.

Montenegrin food is a surprising blend of the rich Mediterranean tastes with a strong Balkan influence. Locally sourced seafood dominates the dishes along the coast while meat is on far more depth up on the mountains as you go inland. Today, the country offers several upscale restaurants along with the traditional ones. A strong focus on fresh food and personalized service are the most important points in common in all of these outlets. Although the region is well known for its local drink ‘rakija’, wine enthusiasts never feel dissappointed as Montenegro produces different varieties of quality wines in its numerous vineyards and cellars that can also be visited to sample.

A well planned meeting program is never complete without activities that compliment the satisfaction of the event. Montenegro offers a huge selection such as exploring its historical old towns, countless cathedrals, churches and museums, workshops, masterclasses and outdoor activities. Crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, deep canyons, green forests, glacial lakes and rugged mountains serve as ideal venues for the adrenaline raising outdoor activities.


Cozy Samples
Montenegro Inland

High mountains, deep canyons, rivers, lakes and natural parks. Lots of activity whether Summer or a snowy Winter. This is truly the Balkans!

Latest News
Family Destination for 2021

Unforgettable family journeys for 2021 and beyond… According to National Geographic Traveler Montenegro is one of the world seven most attractive family holiday destinations in 2021. Apart from many choices Montenegro offers, the magazine also highlights activities such as Biking, hiking and zip-wire adventures. .

One&Only Portonovi

A fine resort on the Adriatic. The new riviera in the making. A nautical playground for those who enjoy the finer thing in Life… One & Only Portonovi opens its doors this Spring 2021.

A New Brand Debut: Janu Montenegro

Rooted in the experience of place and presence. Light, space, and soul in harmony - the stage is set for profound connection with the self and others. A new brand launched by Aman Hotels & Resort: Janu Wellness Hotels debut its first ever resort in the World in Montenegro.

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