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Montenegro Inland

A great geographical diversity in such a small country, thanks to its mountains and gorges. Montenegro, as its name also suggests, has quite a rough terrain and it gets higher as you go far inland. Here mountains are divided with deep canyons with youthful rivers running through them and they all create striking and dramatic sceneries.

Montenegro has several protected parks with a variety of wildlife, pine forests, glacial lakes, waterfalls. They allow visitor enjoy in their well marked hiking trails.

Kolasin & Biogradska

This is Montenegro’s ski resort with a great future. Kolasin is a small town located on the mountains and center of many activities that can be done in the area. It is also close to Biogradska National Park.

• Hike through trails of Biogradska National Park
• Sample local delicacies at a katun, traditional mountain huts
• Try one of several outdoor activities such as horseback riding, Quad Safaris, canyoning, mountain biking and many more

Zabljak & Durmitor

Come back to Mother Nature. Zabljak is the ski resort of Montenegro but also popular rest of the year other than the winter period. Durmitor National Park with lush forests and calm lakes is right next to it.

•  Discover Durmitor National Park
• Walk around the famous Black Lake
• Make sure you come back in winter for skiing
• Enjoy rafting on nearby Tara River

Skadar Lake

The largest lake of Souteastern Europe is a beautiful example to a unique ecological life of wildlife, flora and fauna. The region is also Montenegro’s largest flatlands where a variety of grapes are grown, thus a wine country.

• Take a boat on the lake
• Try the day’s catch fresh water fish
• Wine country here. Visit one of the small family wineries and try delicous wines of the region
• Birdwatcher’s Heaven; see different species of birds found around the lake

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