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The city that famously connects the East to the West, Asia with Europe, once the capital of one of the greatest empires of all time, is again taking its place as one of the beautiful cities in the world.

Aside from traditionally known culture and history, over the years she turned into a well-known checkpoint of gastronomy, music, contemporary arts, fashion and entertainment. Istanbul deserves special care, expertise and a delicate effort to enjoy.

Istanbul is home to stylish hotels at unique locations with extraordinary meeting facilities. These gorgeous hotels are offering comfortable s, luxury service, delicious cuisine, and real Turkish hospitality.

From fine dining restaurants to local meyhanes, there are many places to enjoy a fantastic meal in this glamorous city.

Old City

The Old City is surrounded by museums, huge collections, great examples of Byzantine, Ottoman architecture and beautiful hip boutique hotels. Take a walk at the old city and visit Palaces, museums, mosques and Underground Cisterns.

  1. • Walk through the Hippodrome Square
    • Visit the magnificent Topkapı Palace, a former residence of Ottoman Sultans
    • Discover world famous Grand Bazaar, a maze of interconnecting vaulted passages, with nearly 4.000 shops
    • Visit the grandest and most impressive Underground Cistern of its kind
    • Wander through the Egyptian Bazaar also known as the Spice Market, a delicatessen heaven from
       honey-covered mulberries to mature Turkish cheese
    • Enjoy the traditional SPA treatment at one of the Istanbul’s famous historical hammams
    • Experience the art of Ebru painting at Caferağa Medresesi
    • Try to make a traditional Hünkar Beğendi (Sultan’s delight) at cooking class

Bosphorus Shores

Bosphorus is a great source of pride to Istanbul’s residents and provides a scenic means of viewing both the European and Asian sides of this fascinating city. Both European and Asian sides home to beautiful Yalı’s (mansions). The mansion’s name comes from one of its owners.

• Discover the lovely Kuzguncuk district on the Asian side of the city
• Enjoy a Bosphorus cruise, sipping a cocktail while the sun goes down
• Explore the Ortaköy flea market and enjoy the street food heaven
• Visit the Fortress of Rumeli (Rumeli Hisarı), built at the most narrow point of the Bosphorus
• Visit the Beylerbeyi Palace, 19th century summer residence and guest house of the Ottoman Sultans
• Try to catch horse mackerel from a local fishing boat

Pera and Galata Area

The city’s centuries-old neighborhood, welcoming you with its historical buildings, churches, synagogues, cobbled streets, unique stores, cozy cafes, and stylish restaurants. The route starts from the Taksim Square to Çiçek Passage, Galatasaray, Tunel, Dogan Apartment up to Galata Tower are the liveliest parts of the district.

• Visit unique design studios, workshops and showroom of jewelry designers
• Discover the neighborhood of Çukurcuma usually referred to as the SoHo of Istanbul, with its mixture of    antique and retro-chic stores
• Enjoy family style dinner accompanied by local mezes and rakı at Çiçek Pasajı; originally called the    
   Cité de Péra
• Visit the Galata Mevlevihanesi and attend Sema Ceremony performed by Whirling Dervishes
• Get lost in the cobbled streets of Galata district

Princes’ Islands

The Islands evolved from a place of exiles during the Byzantine age to a popular summer residence from the 19th century onwards. Only four Islands of this archipelago are open to public by ferry service living in Istanbul bringing in 40 minutes to travelers to safe heaven away from the hectic rhythm of one of the great metropoles on earth.

• Discover the Burgaz Island. It was a Greek fishing village until regular ferry services begin in the middle of     the 19th century
• Enjoy spending the day at Elio or Liya Beach club at Sedef Island
• Explore the Büyük Ada with its historic pier, famous fish restaurants, spectacular summer mansions and    historical buildings
• Discover the Islands by sail boats. Sailing experience is a great activity from Kalamis Marina to one of the    Islands