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Nestling contradictory landscapes and lifestyles, Greece will always find a way to mesmerize you

Imagine a country, though so small in size, enormously rich in history, tradition, music, local products, fresh ingredients, sacred pilgrimage sites, natural landscapes and climate gifted with four seasons.

The myths of Ancient Greece and the heritage of latter civilizations are spread all over Greek land, not only to be visited in specially preserved archaeological sites but also to be greeted at every corner in daily city life.

Island archipelagos in Aegean and Ionian Sea, varying in size and character with a diversity of beaches from sandy to pebble; a fertile peninsula with olive groves, orange trees, sheltered bays & coves; a mainland getting harsher and mountainous while driving from South to North; modern cities with lively urban day and night life hosting monuments included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea 

Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

While the definition of luxury is continuously evolving, Greece keeps upgrading her position in accommodating both locally and internationally branded stylish boutique hotels offering excellence in service quality, design, amenities, and facilities. Especially considering the changing trends towards realizing corporate meetings in unconventional atmospheres, with her contradictions, Greece is a natural-born choice for Cozy Meetings.

Having a gastronomic tradition of 4,000 years and being hometown of the first cookbook in history by the Ancient Greek Poet Archestratus, Greece has been leading the famous Mediterranean diet since 1960s. Either you are in a street food 'cantina', a modest traditional taverna or in the poshest restaurant of a fancy neighborhood, you can never miss a healthily delicious food in Greece! Yet of course, no Greek meal is fulfilled without being accompanied by a locally produced drink; ouzo, tsipouro, mastiha or wine from local grapes.

Leisure time activities, on the other hand, also appear in varieties. Regardless of your location, archaeological ruins, and the stories behind will be part of your everyday routine in Greece. Your experience can be further rejoiced by indoor or outdoor activities such as fun city quests including guided museum visits, hands-on masterclasses, or hands-off tastings, more participative adrenalin-filled tasks or just a sunset cruise to appreciate the gift of being so connected to the sea.

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Timeless city with relics from different historical eras including Neo-classical, Venetian and Ottoman styles

Latest News
Old Public Tobacco factory reborn as a culture hub

The old Public Tobacco Factory in Athens, a landmark building of Greece’s industrialization era, is being renovated as a culture and art hub, funded by NEON, a Greek art foundation. The venue opens 2021 by hosting a contemporary art exhibition, Portals.

Legendary Acropolis Rally Returns to Greece in 2021

After an eight-year absence the Acropolis Rally Greece is back on the FIA World Rally Championship 2021 calendar to be held on 9-12 September. First held in 1951, Acropolis Rally was famed for its unforgiving rocks and high temperatures.

The sister hotel of Modernist Thessaloniki opens in Athens: The Modernist Athens

The Modernist Athens, a boutique hotel nestled in the former Canadian Embassy in Kolonaki, opened with 38 rooms end of 2020. Its interior design is based on minimalism with contrast in colors, shapes and materials, whereas the outer design respects the current architecture of the building itself with its many balconies.

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Just completed a decade with KD family, including 6 years in Istanbul office followed by 4 years in Greece in Style Athens office. Already English & Spanish speaking, and working on her Greek. Enthusiastic about original ideas for special interest groups and exceptional events

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