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Being in the bucket list of every traveler, Cyclades is, beyond dispute, the most popular island group of Greece. The name, meaning Circular in English, is deriving from the ancient belief that the islands in this cluster are in a circular location around the sacred island of Delos.

Located in Aegean Sea, Cyclades covers 23 islands including unique Santorini, restless Mykonos and its follower Ios, aesthetically stylish Paros, pottery-land Sifnos, the biggest and greenest Naxos, activity paradise Milos etc.

Cycladic Islands offer variety in many themes despite their common characteristics like a rugged landscape, whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets, blue or red domed churches, Chora - the island capital located on a hill overlooking the crystal-clear waters and their gastronomy gems.

Cyclades, having the advantage of being close to Athens, can easily be reached by ferries from the mainland as well as be connected among themselves. Some of the bigger ones also have international airports.


World-known for its crazy vibes, though the island mostly draws attention to ‘partying’, there is much more offered on this bare land to fulfill all your senses; cruising around with luxurious mega yachts or glass-bottom boats, beach club choices from chilling bohemian to hard party, sightseeing options with archaeological sites or just shopping in chic boutiques, countless sandy beaches with turquoise waters, activities as watersports, horse-riding, local farming and many more…

• Pay a visit to UNESCO world heritage site of Delos to honor the birthplace of immortals
• Don’t miss an ‘Happy Hour’ with a famous DJ at one of the legendary Mykonos beach clubs
• Take advantage of this windy island and try windsurfing or kitesurfing
• Wander around small streets of Mykonos town, ending up in Little Venice to have a cocktail at sunset watching the golden colored sea front houses and the windmills
• Enjoy a memorable horse-back riding experience from inland towards the seaside


Undoubtedly, the most fascinating and the most famous Greek Island. The actual shape of the island as well as the red and black beaches of Santorini were formed due to volcanic eruptions which occurred in ancient times, causing the crater of the volcano collapse into the sea which today is called the ‘Caldera’. Thanks to this uniqueness, accommodation in Santorini is priceless; in its super stylish, locally or internationally branded small hotels.

• Pamper yourself in your outdoor hot tub or your private infinity pool gazing over the Caldera.
• Follow the historical wine trails of Santorini with its unique grape varieties like Assyrtiko and Vinsanto growing on nutrient rich volcanic soil
• If not yet, try ‘Fava’ the famous Greek meze made from Santorini’s special split peas
• Hike along the Caldera till Oia, the most picturesque village of the island.
• Cruise around the Caldera during sunset on your private luxurious yacht followed by a special dinner on board
• Visit the ruins of the ancient Minoan site of Akrotiri

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