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It is unique, it is unusual! Cappadocia is located in the middle of a once-active volcanic area. The large, cone-like formations were created over time by the erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them. The region is a fairyland with its impressive nature, charming towns, stylish hotels and tasteful cuisine.

Cappadocia is on many travelers’ bucket lists due to its unique nature and tastefully designed cave hotels.
These boutique hotels are offering a unique experience in their homely but luxurious atmosphere with excellent service. These beautiful properties make the area one of the most suitable destinations for cozy meetings.

Walk through the delightful streets of local villages and visit one of the hidden Underground Cities of which around 40 found across Cappadocia. They were used by the early Christians to escape persecution at the hands of the Romans and later from invading Arab civilizations.

The region offers numerous trekking trails such as Pigeon Valley or Rose Valley allowing you to get away from the crowds and discover the true beauty of Cappadocia.

Region’s cuisine is a great example of Anatolia’s rich culinary heritage. Cappadocia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions of the world. No visit to Cappadocia is complete without enjoying Red Valley’s dramatic sunset with the accompany Cappadocian wines.

Additionally, a hot air balloon tour at sunrise is once in a lifetime experience. Cappadocia is mostly about outdoor beauties and dramatic views and balloon tours are the best way to appreciate and see its lunar landscape.


The most panoramic point and the highest peak of the region houses a fortress which was the core of Uçhisar. This cozy town is popular with its visitors because of the unique hotels, cozy restaurants and amazing scenery.

• Explore Uçhisar Fortress and enjoy the panoramic view of Cappadocia
  • • Stay at one of the stylish hotels
• Go for a morning walk; Pigeon Valley is just a few steps away
• Discover the Chapel at Argos In Hotel and sample Cappadocian wines


Due to its predominant population of Greeks, known as a former Greek village, Sinasos was renamed Mustafapaşa in the 1920s in honor of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The Christian community here lived here until the population exchange that took place in 1924 .

• Walk along the streets of Sinasos Village
• Visit the institute, Cansever Konağı and Gül Konakları to see the inscriptions, paintings on display
• Taste Cappadocian Cuisine at the famous Old Greek House


The town of Göreme is situated at the heart of the Göreme National Park. The town hosted many civilizations in history; it started with the Hittites right through the history until the Ottomans .

• Discover Göreme Open Air Museum
• Walk through Love Valley; surely it is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia
• Explore Güllüdere Valley and visit churches from the monastic life of the ancient Christians


Set on the banks of the Kızılırmak, (the Red River), Avanos town is famous for pottery making and handicrafts.

• Visit an atelier for a pottery workshop and try to make one
• Discover Sarıhan Caravanserai, built in the 13th century
• Walk through Çavusin Village and visit Church of John the Baptist and Çavuşin Church
• Explore Paşabağ Valley and Zelve Open Air Museum

Ihlara Valley and Güzelyurt

The region is home to three extraordinary underground cities, amazing valleys, beautiful rock-cut churches and Mt. Hasandağı an extinct volcano.

• Walk through Ihlara Valley; explore the rock-cut churches and Selime Monastery
• Discover Derinkuyu Underground City; the deepest and biggest one in Cappadocia

Mount Erciyes, Kayseri

The highest summit of Anatolia. Mount Erciyes is a young extinct volcano. Mt. Erciyes is home to one of the best mountaineering and ski centers in Turkey. It is about 1 hour 20 minutes driving distance away from Cappadocia region. You may combine ski experience with a trip to natural wonderland.

Explore the Summit with a trekking guide, the best seasons are late Spring and Fall.
Discover the amazing cuisine of Kayseri, try some local tastes like Manti. 

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