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Welcome to
Cozy Meetings in
Stylish Ambiances  

A new concept of sophisticated meetings in one of our attractive destinations

Welcome to
Cozy Meetings in
Stylish Ambiances  

Cozy Meetings in Style is about creating boutique programs for small size groups in a safe environment

A Few Words About Us

Who We Are

Having served as a DMC in Turkey with great satisfaction for almost three decades, it was time for KD Travel & Tourism to become an international group. The initiative was to use the expertise in serving her long-term customers in the region.

In 2016, Greece in Style brand was created and immediately followed by Montenegro in Style, so as to offer destination management services in Greece, Montenegro and the rest of the Balkans with own local offices.

Stay Cozy

Boutique and homey hotel ambiance, giving you a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation, as well as providing the most luxurious service

Feast Cozy

Experiential dining with added values, on or off-sites, local ingredients from-farm-to-fork, respecting dietary requirements

Meet Cozy

Unique multifunctional spaces, offering all necessary amenities & state of the art equipment, with opportunities of creative layouts

Stroll Cozy

Not-to-be-missed accompanied urban or rural experiences, to get acquainted with the destination in an unforgettable way

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Why Cozy Meetings

After months of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the old saying that ‘there is no place like home’ has a new meaning to humankind. Our home became our office, restaurant, library, school, movie theater… We feel safe and secure in our cozy haven, but we missed working at the office, socializing with our friends, and traveling.

When we look into near future of MICE industry, we foresee that mass meetings and frequent travelling will not be that much part of corporate gatherings. Thanks to our expertise, we know the chemistry of MICE which is purely about rewarding the participants by fulfilling expectations and offering ultimate satisfaction in every level. We offer distinctive events in small-scale at extraordinary locations & unique boutique hotels with authentic activities.

Nowadays, safety is one of the most important factors in selecting a destination. Companies are now looking for hygiene-oriented, risk-free, comfy environments which focus on the quality of the overall experience. We elaborately evaluate and select certified hotels, venues, and activities as per our carefully created criteria following updated safety protocols.

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